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Hi there! I want to create an effect like this, which sources should I search for? I'd like to make the effect in both text and images.








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21 minutes ago, mikel said:

Hy @jimmy-a,


Search for mask or clip-path ...


Hi @mikel!


I know clip-path, how may I use it along GSAP?

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Hey Jimmy. There are a lot of forum threads about using GSAP to animate clip paths that you can take a look at:

And more.


If you'd like our help creating a particular effect that's giving you trouble please make a minimal demo of the issue :) 

Happy tweening!


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Hi there! Sorry for my delayed response, just delivered some projects :) 


I replicated the HTML and CSS structure from the iPhone's website. With GSAP I used scrub and a simple from + scrollTrigger.


Here's an example in case this is eventually useful to someone.


See the Pen JjGLRoq by jimmyadaro (@jimmyadaro) on CodePen

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