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Chandra Shekhar

GSAP 3 Scroll Trigger Issue

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to animate the text using the new scrollTrigger Plugin, there is a glitch when the start point reaches the scroller-start, why is this happening? I am unable to figure it out.

Please help me to fix this glitch issue.



See the Pen yLeXedv by chandrashekhar (@chandrashekhar) on CodePen

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The problem is that you're nesting a scrollTrigger in a tween that's inside a timeline. By default, the timeline will start to play immediately, but the scrollTrigger pauses the tween instance it's on (a child of that timeline), thus the timeline completes immediately...and then when you scroll to the ScrollTrigger's starting point, it unpauses the tween which tells its parent "hey, the playhead has already gone past your end...wake up and adjust your startTime to jump ahead so I can play". 


You really shouldn't have a nested ScrollTrigger like that. It just causes logic challenges. The simple solution is to change your "tl.fromTo(...)" to "gsap.fromTo(...)". 


Does that clarify things? 



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