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React - Tween Y pos of items in a list and refresh position

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I've been using a lot GSAP back in time when I was working on Flash animations and I'm more than happy to see that this great lib is still alive 👍


I'm working on a React webApp and when needing to add some tweening on it my first thought was obviously for GSAP.


Here is my problem I have a list of items. When the user click on one item it should disappear (simple tween on opacity) and then all the items above need to tween up to fill the space left by the disappeared item.

After animation is done I'm removing the item from my state, but my problem is that all the divs keep the transformation applied before when what I want is to start a new "fresh" list so user can click once again and launch the same animations.

I'm wondering if my probelm couldn't be that i'm doing it the wrong way and messing with the refs but I can't see how to do it other way.

Any help is appreciated.



See the Pen QWypRgZ by fleflochn (@fleflochn) on CodePen

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Hi @flefloch, you can use the clearProps:'y' to clear the y property when tween is finished.

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Hum, that seems to be the right thing to do (thanks for pointing this out), but I'm still having a problem with my items not being "refreshed" properly.

I think I have some mismatch from my side the way I'm handling the refs but I can't figure out what is the issue... 🤔

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I don't think you are doing anything wrong with the refs, but I would tweak it slightly. Here is a working demo, hope that helps.


See the Pen MWKmJaY by ihatetomatoes (@ihatetomatoes) on CodePen

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Thank for this demo.

I'll have to change few things since my list is actually coming from the props (updated by Redux store) so I need to clean the itemsRef array when props are changed  but I think I get the point : use Timeline instead of multiple tweens created seperately and sending params onComplete.

Just one question, you're using gsap instead of directly TweenLite, is this for performance issue or is it just a habit?


Thanks for your help 👍

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No worries, happy to help. 


GSAP3 has a new syntax so gsap.to() is a new way of doing TweenLite.to()

Checkout the docs for the new GSAP3 syntax.

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