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How to add multiple classes in GSAP animation Code

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Hello There,


Could you please guide me to add multiple classes in one line.


Here is the code.

.to(".white1", {opacity: 1})
.to(".white2", {opacity: 1})
 .to(".white3", {opacity: 1}) 
.to(".white4", {opacity: 1})



Example: .to(".white1", ".white2", ".white3", ".white4", {opacity: 1}) - Not sure this is correct code or not.


I need to display white colar at same time instead of coming one-by-one.


Thanks in advance.


Harshal Vanarse.

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Hey Harshal.


There's a couple of ways to do this. The easiest is to use a shared class (assuming you can change the HTML):

.to(".white", {opacity: 1})

The next is to use a more complex selector string:

.to(".white1, .white2, .white3, .white4", {opacity: 1})

Then you can also use an array of values, granted the values are of the same type (DOM element, selector string, etc.):

.to([".white1", ".white2", ".white3", ".white4"], {opacity: 1})


Happy tweening :) 

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