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Steps Easing: Access current step in onUpdate?

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Hi. Is there a way to get the current step # in onUpdate callback when using ease: 'steps(123)'? I was spending the last hour trying so, but without any luck. I could read out the current backgroundPositionX and use that to recalculate the current step #. But that is not very performant and more a workaround. I bet there is a smarter way to achieve that in GSAP, right? :)

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Hey Simon. Given that steps are linear (unless you mix it with another ease) you should be able to get the current step by using the tween's progress. For example:

See the Pen vYLXOev?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Thanks. Zach. That is exactly how I ended up. Works like a charm... I just thought there might be a more elegant solution. But it's still pretty straight forward! I can totally live with that.

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