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Timeline question

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Hi I have been trying to get my head around a problem on a timeline animation that is scrubbable on the timeline. I want to put a conditional statement if there is a detection of an object and if so then make an alternative tween. If not then just tween as normal. My idea was to insert a label after the conditional tween so that it will play the whole tween if it does detect an object and if it doesn't then jump to the label and skip the tween it should do only when detecting an object.

My question was this. Is there a way to insert a label and on complete call a variable that changes depending on what happens onInit?


Thanx for any input.



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Sure, I assume it'd look kinda like this (untested):


timeline.append( new TweenLite(mc, 1, {x:100, onStart:checkCondition}) ); //your conditional tween
timeline.addLabel("myLabel", timeline.duration);
function checkCondition():void {
   if (...whatever...) {


Or you could addCallback() in TimelineMax instead of using an onStart in the tween itself.

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