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ScrollTrigger not (yet) included in tarball?

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Hi all,

Couldnt find any info on it yet but when i install gsap with bonus files via:

yarn add ./gsap-bonus.tgz

The node_modules folder indeed gets all the files but it seems ScrollTrigger plugin is missing...
Can you reproduce and confirm this?

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I just ran a test and it works as expected. Sounds like an issue with your environment(?) Perhaps try running: 

yarn cache clean

I'd also remove the node_modules/gsap folder, remove the gsap entry in your package.json, and try running the yarn add ./gsap-bonus.tgz again. Please let us know if that works for ya. 

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Make sure you're loading version 3.3.3.

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Thank you both for helping me :) 

yarn cache clean

indeed solved the problem, appreciatie it! Never knew this could be an issue when running .tgz from my local machine. But thinking about it, it makes sense since yarn stores every package in a global cache. Thanks for helping me out!

Happy ScrollTriggering 😍 man... i love it!

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