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ScrollTrigger with canvas animation

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Just passing through and thinking aloud here. Not sure about Animate but in general I wonder if this could be simplified down to using SVG for the text that is comprised of two separate masks. One for the outer stroke of letters and the other for the fill area of the letters. Then use a singular image of the shark moving under each mask, with the instance of the image under the stroke masked scaled up and shifted slightly ahead of the other image. You could also instead use two images with one already scaled.


I'm not trying to confuse or offset the discussion but think maybe the same visual effect could be derived from that described approach, at least in theory. Sorry just wanted to put that out there, it may not be useful. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi Shrug, the animation is rendered in Maya, the shark is swimming behind glass text. Maybe too subtle, but the effect is about the refractions in the bevelled edges of the glass.



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Yeah it is subtle, I see what you mean when looking more closely its more prevalent in certain areas. With the described approach it might still be possible but carry on, its a neat effect regardless. 😉

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Is this method fully responsive? Just wondering as you're using absolute pixel values for the height and width etc. If not, how's best to make this responsive?

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@Pixelstolife Hello and welcome to the GreenSock forums. To make this approach responsive, just update the necessary values in the refreshInit callback (so they'd need to be lets, not consts). Also use a functional value for the end property so that it gets updated:

end: () => "+=" + imageHeight,


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