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Using scrollTrigger and ScrollTo as fullpage.js does

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Hi everyone,  


I'm looking for few days how to use the gsap plugin ScrollTrigger and ScrollTo together to create an automatic scroll from section to section as fullpage does. I think I'm understand well how ScrollTrigger works but I can't find good online exemple of ScrollTo... So I can't really figurate how make it :(


Here is a good exemple of what I want to do

See the Pen vwmOqd by Jean-Tilapin (@Jean-Tilapin) on CodePen

 but I think they use an old version and as my level in js & gsap is not really good I can't find how recreate this in my codepen exemple. 


Thanks a lot for your help  :)


Have a great weekend to all 

See the Pen rNxeLNP by feulait (@feulait) on CodePen

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Hey feulait and welcome. Thanks for being a Club GreenSock member! 


That pen you link to has a very interesting approach. Here's how I'd set it up with ScrollTrigger (note that I didn't try to match the exact intro animations that that person used - mine is kind of a placeholder):

See the Pen abdNRxX?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Let me know if you have questions :) 


EDIT: Note that this approach is a hack and I don't really recommend using it in most cases. ScrollTrigger is not built to scroll-jack like this. See my post here for more info.

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It is working really good! Thanks a lot Zach!!! 

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Hey Community, Hey Zach✌️

thanks for having this great forums for this excellent piece of software. This is my first post here. I´ve been using GSAP for quite a while now - getting more and more stunned about the newest features and the flexibility of scroll trigger and the quasi-replacement of ScrollMagic (Thanks for the good times). So I stumbled upon this thread these days on the search for a solution to snap only to the next/previous panel and blur out the momentum scroll (macOS trackpads).


 The latest solutions posted in this thread is nearly there and very helpful, but in my case (Macbook Pro 2019 / Trackpad or Magic mouse) It´s kinda "over-jumping" to the panel after the desired one, which I think is caused by the momentum scrolling mounted to trackpads and magic mouse on MacOS.

Would be nice if there is a easy way to adapt the ScrollMagic-Example below to the already posted solutions , but my knowledge about Javascript is simply not good enough.. Maybe you can have a look at this? 🙏


See the Pen VPNVxb by verticalgrain (@verticalgrain) on CodePen






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Hey @bb_richard and welcome to the GreenSock forums. I actually covered that in this related thread:


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