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Using GSAP distribute to project backward z transform

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Hi,  I am trying to use the GSAP distrubute utility function to add negative z axis transforms to a bunch of elements (i.e. project away from the viewer).  I have used the following tween:


gsap.to(".staggerBackward", {
                z: gsap.utils.distribute({
                    base: 0.0,
                    amount: -500,
                    from: "end"

This results in GSAP applying positive z axis transforms to all .staggerBackward elements (i.e. toward the viewer).  I tried changing the amount to a positive but this results in more positive transforms but this time in the opposite direction.  Any ideas what I'm getting wrong / not understanding about this one? Thanks in advance

See the Pen jOWNKaN by Asderex (@Asderex) on CodePen

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Facepalm :oops:........ The correct answer was to use {base: -500, amount: 500}.... of course I thought of this after posting the question.

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