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Stagger a puzzle

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I am trying to animate a puzzle. I would like to make each piece appearing from the top-left of the svg puzzle without success. For the moment, as shown in the codepen, it's completely random.


Any suggestion?


See the Pen QWjzyRr by venizia03 (@venizia03) on CodePen

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Hey @venizia03,


You can use the property from


from [String | Integer | Array]: The position in the Array from which the stagger will emanate. To begin with a particular element, for example, use the number representing that element's index in the target Array. So from:4 begins staggering at the 5th element in the Array (because Arrays use zero-based indexes).


If your array is in the right order, it will work.


See the Pen NWxGNRa by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy staggering ...



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