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update value in onComplete callback -pixi Plugin

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How to update value in onComplete callback? I am using gsap 3, pixi.js and Pixi Plugin.


I try a few things but it seems nothing works (tween overwrite, modifiers and updateTo() method).


I have something like this:

let frame = 0;

function animate() {

    gsap.to(container, {
        pixi: { scale: scale, rotation: angle, x: x, y: y },
        duration: 1.7,
        ease: "power3.in",

        onComplete: () => {
            //reset value
            gsap.set(scene, { pixi: { scale: 1, rotation: 0, x: app.screen.width / 2 } });   

            if (frame < 3) animate();         
            else animate2()


I need when onComplete trigger, to gsap.set(..) use current value of app.screen.width  ( width of render in pixi.js which change on resize event).

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Hey isladjan. I'm not understanding what you're asking or what you're trying to accomplish. Can you please try to create a minimal demo displaying your situation? 


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Nevermind I found a solution. Sorry to bother you



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Can you please share you solution so that other people reading in the future may benefit as well?

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Like I said, I try a few things but  nothing works. I think  problem is in Pixi Plugin. Without Pixi Plugina, but with Pixi.js and only gsap, you can overwrite tween (make function which recreate that same tween) and this way dynamically update certain value in onComplete.


In my example I chose the easiest way, change value through PIXI.js.

See the Pen pogjGNa by isladjan (@isladjan) on CodePen

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