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Adobe Animate 2020 help

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Hi everyone (Beginner level), 

I use adobe animate + gsap to create html5 banners. So far I can make images, colors, and text fade in and move the objects around. I was wanting to elevate my animation ads. 

So! I love the gsap DrawSVG. My ideas was to have a lines come in left to right. Anyway of doing this in adobe animate? please help. 

Example attached. 


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This would be doable in many ways. I don't see why you would need DrawSVG for the example you posted. It could be a simple linear tween in Animate, or with GSAP, or with GSAP in Animate. 

One possible issue to consider, if you do want to use DrawSVG in a banner, is that unlike the core GSAP library, this plugin won't already be hosted on the ad server's CDN. You would have to include it and the file size would count against you. 

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I love using GSAP but Adobe Animate is also a very powerful tool for the banner production. To be honest i never saw the need to combine the two techs. The line animation above can easily be accomplished with Animate CC without having to add GSAP to it. 


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