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SVG slideshow

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Hi all,


In my slideshow I want

slide # 1 to load on page load,

then slide # 2 to cover slide #1,

then slide # 3 to cover slide #2,

then slide #1 to cover slide #3

then a smooth restart.


Can anyone please correct my codepen?



See the Pen vYLYdBm by Juc1 (@Juc1) on CodePen

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Hi @Juc1,


The way I usually handle something like this is by cloning the first slide, appending it to the end, and allowing it to become the final tween before restarting the timeline. This gives a nice, seamless affect of an infinite stack.


In my case, I'm using jQuery clone and appendTo to take care of this (because it makes it dead simple).


The other thing is, I reordered the SVG <g> elements to be one, two, three (rather than three, two, one) to take advantage of the default stacking order.


See the Pen gOPOeeY?editors=0010 by sgorneau (@sgorneau) on CodePen


Happy tweening!




Edit: Also note that since you are using the same properties and values on each tween ... you can stuff those into the timeline's defaults and not have to worry about assigning them to the individual tween's :)

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@ Shaun your results works fine thank you but can I do it without jQuery?

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let clone = document.querySelector("#one").cloneNode(true);


tl.from("#two", {}).from("#three", {}).from(clone, {});


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Thanks @ Shaun and Craig 👍

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