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Timeline Class Incomplete Typescript Definitions

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I am working on a Typescript PIXI project, using GreenSock as my animation engine, and in setting up a function to jump to a specific label in a Timeline, my IDE complained that the play() function only accepts numbers...


A check of the Typescript definitions shows that Timeline inherits from Animation, and sure enough, in the interface for the Animation class, play() is defined as: 


play(from?: number | null, supressEvents?: boolean): this;

I'm assuming, that if I update the definition to:

play(from?: number | string | null, supressEvents?: boolean): this;

...things should work as expected and the timeline will play from a defined label.

I haven't yet verified that this works as it should,  but I will report back if I overlooked something and this fails.

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Hello and thanks for catching that. I've made sure that this is fixed in the next version to be released next week.

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My pleasure! Looking forward to the release! 🙂

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