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convert gsap javascript to gsap vuejs

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I have created a product list page where every thumb image will have a zoom effect. the zoom effect code is working fine in the pure javascript. but my project is in vuejs and I wanna achieve same effect in my vue component. I already made my component and put some code in vuejs way. but it's not working right way. when I clicked it jumps to top left and then zooming.

Here is my sandbox link in vuejs.

Maybe I am missing something or there is have a better way to write this pure javascript code to vuejs way. it would be appreciated if any expert takes a look and give me the solution.

The zoom effect goal is this. I believe i am very close to this effect. just can't figure out the problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Raydoan. We're happy to help however we can, but this is a GSAP forum so we don't really have the capacity to help with logical issues. Are there any questions that you have specific to GSAP? 


This thread talks more about how to full screen an elements with GSAP and may be helpful:


Side note, I would recommend upgrading to GSAP 3! It has a smaller file size, a sleeker API, a bunch of new features, and works even better with module-based projects. 

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