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stagger error - 'runBackwards'

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This is the full error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property 'runBackwards' on number '0.5'
    at Timeline.staggerFrom

Not sure what this error is never seen it, what could be wrong with the staggerFrom code?

Thank you.

See the Pen eYpoYpw by designsbyharp (@designsbyharp) on CodePen

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If you use the new stagger syntax, you should be fine. No more staggerTo/staggerFrom in GSAP 3.


.from(menuLinks, {duration: 0.8, opacity: 0, x: -20, stagger:0.5, ease: "power2"})

I also changed the ease string for you. 




Happy tweening.



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ohhhh thanks! Issue was didn't need .staggerFrom but just .from and add in stagger property.. thanks!

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