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Ulysses Lanugon

Is GreenSock free for Shopify

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Hi, I just want some clarification regarding the usage. I have a client who want animation for his Shopify site. Is he required to purchase GreenSock license?


Thank you.

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Hey Ulysses and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


We actually made a handy questionnaire for helping people figure out which membership is best for them on the Club GreenSock page if you click "Click here for help". In it, you can answer the following questions and it will point you to the most appropriate membership. 


So tell me:

  1. Are there multiple developers working with GreenSock tools (like GSAP)?
  2. If not, do you want access to any Club GreenSock plugins?

If no to both, no GreenSock Club membership is required, though we think a Club GreenSock membership can open up some fun possibilities for your website. If yes to at least one, one of the Club GreenSock membership would be appropriate but which one depends on how you answer the questions :) 

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