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selector with multiple class names

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I have an issue i can't figure out.

So i have draggable elements with 2 classnames..

'dragObj num1'

The 2 classnames 'dragObj' and 'num1' give me the option to treat a bigger set of objects the same... all dragObj

and when dropped watch for the complete className...drobObj num1 or whatever and act on that.

Issue now is that gsap ( gsap3) doesnot allow me to target the element with its full className... 'dragObj num1'
When i target all dragObj... so with just 1 of the classes it works as expected, but then all my objects act..


Any tips ?

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How are you addressing the element(s) with these two classes?


gsap.to( '.dragObj.num1' , {} );

... is what you should be doing if you’re not already.


See the Pen QWjVJem by sgorneau (@sgorneau) on CodePen



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That's it. Thx Shaun

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