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Matt Severin

Local HTML to screensaver

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I posted this in the banner forum when I meant to post here:

Does anyone here know of any reliable way of converting web animation to an .scr?

This is a general code question, but I think the GSAP forum will have the right cross section of people who could answer this.


I have local web files with complex vector animation using GSAP. My client wants to leverage this work for screensavers, I could make a video but I'd prefer to keep it scalable vectors. I know how to make .swf files into screensavers but I'm not looking to rebuild this (I know I can use GSAP in Animate but this is not the path I'm going).

I've done some internet research but, half are dead links, and half are tutorials about loading live web pages into a screensaver.


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No idea on the answer, but I did delete your duplicate post in the Banner forum. :)


Someone will probably come by with some ideas for you. 

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Yeah, sorry, I have zero experience with that kinda thing. I kinda doubt you're gonna get an answer here that you won't find on Google. Good luck though! Let us know if you find something. 

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@Jack I kindly disagree, a lot of us here are old Flash heads who have either done screensavers or fielded other non typical animation/code requests, I have hope.

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Not a screen saver, but a long time ago I wrote about how to hack together an animated desktop background. Probably not helpful to you but it was fun to try and figure out :) 


OS support for that sorry of thing is just not great.

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