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GSAP +PLUS installation with Webpack-Encore

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Hi  all,

how can I install the GSAP "ShockinglyGreen" package with Webpack-Encore? I mean how to get the +PLUS library in my node_modules with yarn or npm?


Thank you

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Short answer: The easest way is to npm install/yarn add the tarball (.tgz) file that comes with the Shockingly Green member files download.


Longer answer: We have a video focused on installing GSAP (with Club plugins) in a module-based environment. We also have a whole installation page that covers all of the details of installing GSAP including an install helper that can show you how to import and register GSAP plugins properly. This assumes that you have access to the Shockingly Green files which require a Club GreenSock membership.


Please let us know if you have any specific questions :) 

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