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hover animation

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I have a simple animation that upend every time the user over on button.
i have a 10 buttons one near the other. and the imageContainer show the prodact.

when the user go our from the button i want to hide this element.

gsap.from("#imageContainer", .5, {css:{scaleX:0.8, scaleY:0.8, opacity:0}});

on the first time that work great but is the mouse run on the button the animation stop work and the image stack on opacity 0.

i try to use restart. seek and kiil but dont foud the right way to start the animation every time from the begin.

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Hey amihanya. It's really hard for us to trouble shoot blindly. Can you please create a minimal demo of the issue in something like a CodePen? This thread talks more about ho to do so:


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You probably need a fromTo animation. If you interrupt the animation, it's going to animate the opacity from 0 to the current opacity value.


Quickly click the button to see the problem. You can fix it using a fromTo animation.


See the Pen 8737c62b8f3253745552bba7992c58b4 by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen



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