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Nasr Galal

New way of typewriter

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Just trying 2 different easy approaches to get this typewriter works like a charm!

My issue is to sync both animations of the #text element and the chars and I do believe it is really simple to do!

I am looking for an easy approach to take down this latency :)

this animation is what i need to edit:

// need to sync this block with the above animation
gsap.from('#text', {width: 2, duration: 2, ease: SteppedEase.config(20) })

my target is to code this without the use of any other JS Libs like jquery

See the Pen GRpMYYw by nasr3090 (@nasr3090) on CodePen

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Super like the approach!

it looks even simpler!


ok now If I would like to rebuild something like this awesome animation:


there are multiple lines, that's why I did try to build the simplest mechanics for the typo :)
if you have any other suggestions
, please share!

Thanks for the helpful code!

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