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Andressa B.

Javascript freelancer to create 3D animation using GSAP (Greensock)

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We are looking for GSAP (Greensock) Animator to create an effect like this https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1040785964-3d-rendering-2019-color-year-hexagon-seamless.

We'll add the animation to our product login screen. There's a picture of this screen attached, which is also a reference of the color for the hexagons.

This codepen effect might be helpful, but it's not exactly what we are looking for, because it doesn't have a wave.

See the Pen IxLDJ by aslan11 (@aslan11) on CodePen

The idea is that the animation will happen when the user clicks on the "Log in" button.
We want this to be done with GSAP, but we are open to other technologies such as animated svg as long as it has a good result.


The deadline for this project would be up to 3 weeks.
Payment: fixed price, open to proposals.


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I did something similar recently, using GSAP's stagger 'grid' feature: 

See the Pen rNOyppy?editors=0010 by creativeocean (@creativeocean) on CodePen

I'd be happy to help out on this. Please shoot me an email with any other project details/requirements and I'll send a quote for the work: tom@creativeocean.com

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2 minutes ago, creativeocean said:

I'd be happy to help out on this.

Have fun trying to make those shadows performant :) 

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Hi, Andressa. 

I would love to help you tackle this animation. I've sent you a direct message.


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What a dejavu feeling!


I once had a project where instead of being hexagons going up and down it were blocks rotating. In the end we got rid of most of the shadows it just did not like the ambient occlusion shadows... It ended up being ok. Nothing like the full 3D render.

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Hello Andressa,

Sounds like an interesting concept and something that is right up my alley of expertise.
I would be interested in helping you with your needs.
Please check your PM.
Best Regards,
Anna J

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This post is closed and is no longer accepting proposals.

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