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Modifying tween during

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I am doing a little spinner game where the user spins a wheel, and pegs on the outside of the wheel cause an arrow to 'bump' as the pegs hit it. Think something like wheel of fortune... short of using something like Box2D I decided on TweenLite / TweenMax...


It's mostly all working but I would like when a peg hits the arrow the tween is modified to make the wheel slow down for a moment.


Any thoughts on how to approach?

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You can alter the timeScale property of any TweenMax instance anytime. So to slow it down to half-speed, you'd make timeScale 0.5. For double-speed, it'd be 2. Like this:


var tween:TweenMax = new TweenMax(mc, 1, {rotation:360});
//then later...
tween.timeScale = 0.5;


Or you could even tween it down and up over time for a gradual effect, like:


TweenMax.to(tween, 0.8, {timeScale:0.2});

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