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Frederic Gontier

Random position to Initial position

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I would like to set elements from an array to random x and y, move them to a new random x and y position and finally have them go back to their recorded first x and y position. The following doesn't work because there is a jump between the last two tweens:


var myArray = [{x:10,y:10},{x:10,y:55},{x:10,y:100}];

var tl = gsap.timeline()
    tl.set(myArray,{x:"random(20,280)", y:"random(20,230)"})
    tl.to(myArray,{x:"random(20,280)", y:"random(20,230)", duration:5})
    tl.from(myArray,{x:"random(20,280)", y:"random(20,230)", duration:3})


How can I do that? Is there a better approach?

Thank you,


See the Pen VwvPrqQ?editors=1010 by fr3d3ric (@fr3d3ric) on CodePen

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