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Recreate Text Animation

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Yep, SplitText is great for splitting the text like that. Here's an untested conversion of that code into GSAP code:

var mySplit = new SplitText(myWord, {type: "chars"});
gsap.timeline({repeat: -1})
  .from(mySplit.chars, {
    rotateY: -90,
    duration: 1.3,
    stagger: 0.45
  .to(myWord, {
    opacity: 0,
    duration: 1,
    easing: "power4",
    delay: 1


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For this type of text animation:




Where the text moves in/out of a masked area, how would you approach it? I'm looking to animate in long text blocks, line by line. It would need to accommodate different text block widths from the browser window which makes me wonder how the masking could also be dynamic. 

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