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Scaling Triggers on Mouseovers

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Thank you for the tip! I managed to make the image scale while hovering over text. What I'm trying to accomplish is to hover over text OR image, and the image will scale. I managed to do that, but when the mouse moves from image to text or text to image, the scaling animation is choppy during that transition. Is there a way to smooth that out, or pause the animation while the mouse moves in between elements?

See the Pen YzyPMgR by PlusUltra (@PlusUltra) on CodePen

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I would recommend making one timeline instead of two that will compete for control of the element(s). Then add a listener to the img and the h2 that will play/reverse the one main timeline.


Since these elements are both children of the trigger element, couldn't you just add one listener to the parent trigger div?

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@PointC Hi,


I never even thought of that! Thank you for your help, it worked!

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