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Setting transformOrigin to a position absolute div

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I'm trying to animate a set of cards so when they animate in they rotate to a specific angle, these cards are stacked one on top of each other, so I have position them absolutely inside another div, but the transformOrigin does not seem to have an effect.


Any help will be much appreciated.


*** UPDATE ***

After working on a codepen example I found what I did wrong, the codepen link has a working example.

The problem was a reference to an extra div element.




See the Pen wvKBmem by nardove (@nardove) on CodePen

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Could you whip up a little demo so we can check your code? Thanks.


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Working on the codepen example I found my mistake, so I just aded the codepen demo, it may help someone else.


Thank you!

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Many members have discovered their own solution just by making a demo.  Glad to hear you solved it and thanks for letting us know. :)


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