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A problem mouseenter and mouseleave

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Could you please help me with processing an animation when putting a pointer on and off the imgBoxOne block?

The problem is the next: mouseenter and mouseleave are conflicting when putting the pointer on and off the block too fast. 

Is that possible to make them wait for each other somehow?

Actually, these functions are conflicting with each other. (mouseenter =>animaBoxOneFirst ,  mouseleave => animaBoxOneReverse)


See the Pen by s (@s) on CodePen

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Hey Roman.


By default, GSAP does not kill off tweens that affect the same properties of the same objects. If you want that to happen, you should set overwrite: 'auto' (or true) for the tweens that conflict. Alternatively, change the property globally: gsap.defaults({overwrite: 'auto'});


However, in your case it might make more sense to setup a timeline for the hover transition when the JS is initialized. Then on mouseenter you play it, on mouse leave you reverse it.

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