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Len's flare

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Anyone know how I could create a lens flare animation. Basically I want to have two streams of different colored lights emanating from a single point. It would be great if both streams of lights changed over time.

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Hey SJH and welcome to the GreenSock forums!


GSAP doesn't have anything built in to create a lens flare. Though one user did create a lens flare type of effect in the forums here:


With that being said, GSAP is great at manipulating values so it can animate whatever lens flare situation you get set up whether it's Canvas or WebGL so long as the CPU has access to the values. 


I'm interested in seeing whatever you come up with!

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I took a look at this post: https://greensock.com/forums/topic/19429-flare-effect-with-trail/ I suppose something like that could create a light streaming effect if instead of the trails dancing around randomly, they all went out from a single point. Almost like a particle emitter. The look I'm going for would be more like sunbeams coming out of a light source. A lens flare would be great but maybe a little to complex.

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