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Infinite Canvas Effect with GSAP

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I am trying to develop an infinite canvas animation which show cases a number of clickable images on it. On moving the cursor the images will move in the opposite direction, I tried this with div now, is it possible to use Canvas for an infinite scroll effect.

Plugins used: TweenMax, TweenLinte, ScrollToPlugin, Draggable

See the Pen ZEGwYjp by jinsonkj (@jinsonkj) on CodePen

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Hey Akhill7 and welcome to the GreenSock forums! 


I made an infinite gallery viewer that uses dragging as navigation. You could try modifying it to your needs. You can check out the code on CodePen here:

See the Pen PoqxzMV by ZachSaucier (@ZachSaucier) on CodePen


Besides that, let us know if you have any specific questions :) 

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