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GSAP sticky vertical scroll

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I need some help with positioning the div. I have three main sections with 100vh. The middle sections have six more sections. What I am trying to achieve is when the user scroll to middle section the scroll does not move to last section until it finish scrolling the child sections of main middle section. Does anyone know how I can achieve that with gsap. I have tried below solution, ut its not working for me. Thanks


See the Pen wvaQEYK?editors=1010 by sarvneet (@sarvneet) on CodePen

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Hey sarv, what specifically is giving you trouble? Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to help build the entire thing for you. 


I recommend starting with the demo that you linked to (or another that is more similar to the effect that you're wanting) and and modifying it to your needs.

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Thanks Zach. I used scrollmagic to solve the problem. I was having trouble making middle section sticky on scroll until all its child divs are scrolled.

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