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Scroll animation

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Is there any way to achieve this type of animation while scrolling.


Im getting confused on the part where when if you scroll down new text-1 appear from bottom and current text-2 exit to up and reverse when scroll back up text-2 appears from top and text-1 exits bottom





The above is part of the section whereby when you scroll up the content fades down and when you scroll down content fades up


Similar to the above website, please kindly help me.


Thank You


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Hi Zach,


Ahhhh i see i see, it gets confusing whenever i try use scroll animation especially the calculations, offset top, scroll top, outer height , inner height, still catching up on that but I am slowly understanding the concept behind what you sent.


But i think im making it look more complicated than it seems because im confusing myself, but will learn.


Thank Very Very Much again 🙂.

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