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new converting coordinates feature and pixi??

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Just watched your new video on the coordinates and relative spaces. Very cool, this is often something I have to deal with.


Will it work with pixi?

Can it be applied to sprites nested in containers?




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Hey macguffin. Most regulars here don't use PIXI too often. Can you throw together a minimal use case demo of how you're hoping it would work using PIXI? My guess is it'd take you less time to make a demo than us and then it'd also potentially be more relevant to you :) 

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Nah, sorry, but the algorithm leverages DOM-specific things like getBoundingClientRect() and element context (nesting) to figure things out. If Pixi offers a similar method, it may be possible to recreate something for that framework but it's definitely not compatible with GSAP's current methods. 

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You should be able to do something similar to that using a combination of toLocal and toGlobal methods. It's been a while since I've done it, but I know it is possible.

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Thanks Jack, I suspected as much.


Yeah @OSUblake I do similar stuff with those methods and other various tricks. Just love to drive everything with gsap where possible - it always keeps it so neat.

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