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Simple React hover icon example

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Hi. I need some basic help with gsap.timeline() in a react environment. See my code below:


import React, { useRef, useEffect } from 'react'
import gsap, { TweenMax, Linear } from 'gsap';
import { ReactComponent as Twitter } from '../assets/svg/social/twitter.svg'

const NavBar = () => {
    let twitterIcon = useRef(null);

    const tl = gsap.timeline()

    // this is the hover effect, making it glow green (all attributes are correct)
    const glowAnimation = (icon) => {
        tl.to(icon, 0.3, {attr: {style: "fill: rgb(48,223,171)"}, ease: Linear})

    // This just sets the initial colour of the black svg to white
    useEffect(() => {
        TweenMax.set(twitterIcon, {attr: {"style": "fill: rgb(255,255,255)"}})

    return (
        <div className="navbar">
                rel="noopener noreferrer" 
                // onMouseEnter={ glowAnimation({twitterIcon}) }
                // onMouseLeave={ something? reverse of tl }   
                <Twitter // This is an SVG imported as ReactComponent
                    ref={el => {twitterIcon = el}}

export default NavBar

The basic premise of this is that it is part of my header. It has only one twitter icon (svg) right now. I want to be able to add more icons in the future (e.g. facebook, github) hence why I want to be able to pass in some reference to an icon into a single gsap timeline to describe the hover animation (defined as glowAnimation function) when mouse over an icon, and reverse that timeline when mouse leaves that icon. So I created a function with that timeline. But I'm unsure how to pass the twitterIcon reference (made using useRef) into the onMouseEnter attribute.


What am I doing wrong? And also, what can I put in the onMouseLeave attribute to reverse the glowAnimation function? Sorry if this is stupid :(

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I've figured it out. The onMouseEnter attribute of the <a> tag surrounding the SVG component is supposed to take in a function, not just reference glowAnimation. So the below works:


onMouseEnter={ () => glowAnimation(twitterIcon) }

Still confused on how to now reverse that animation using onMouseLeave...

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


This basically has to do with encapsulation. Right now you're not using a DOM node element in the JSX, you're using a React component, which is it's own type of object <Twitter />. Because of that you should use forward ref in order to get the reference to the DOM node inside the child component in the parent component.


Here is a simple example that shows how to accomplish that:




Happy Tweening!!!

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Hi @Rodrigo, is there a reason you create your timeline in state? Why not just declare it within useEffect with a const variable name?


Also thanks for your solution :)

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3 hours ago, wolfduck said:

Hi @Rodrigo, is there a reason you create your timeline in state? Why not just declare it within useEffect with a const variable name?


How would you reverse it outside the function? With hooks, everything goes bye-bye on every render if you don't store it the "React way".


And you don't need to use state. A ref is fine, but it adds more noise to your code because you have to use .current




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