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random fail...

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i was creating a dummy swf to use as filler for some debugging, but i wanted some tweens (and other stuff) going on within it so that i could know that it was being thoroughly unloaded when i wanted it gone (no straggling ENTER_FRAME listeners etc)... so i set up something real quick with two stage items tweening back and forth on a loop... the strange thing is that most of the time (not always), the mc2 object tweening on the y axis (see source files - http://wilbcorp.com/downloads/tl_test.zip ) gets stuck at the top and no longer continues tweening... i had started with the most basic setup...


function forward():void
TweenLite.to( this.mc2, 1, {y:"300", motionBlur:true} );
TweenLite.to( this.mc, 1, {x:"300", motionBlur:true, onComplete:back} );
trace( "_tester.swf TweenLite loop is running" );

function back():void
TweenLite.to( this.mc2, 1, {y:"-300", motionBlur:true,} )
TweenLite.to( this.mc, 1, {x:"-300", motionBlur:true, onComplete:forward} );


i figured maybe all it needed was a little stricter setup (overwrites, OverwriteManager, absolute coordinates), but mc2 is still getting stuck... i've never had this issue in actual applications (and it's certainly not the way i would normally do things), but i was surprised to see it happen in such a simple situation... is there something i'm missing?






i'm using the latest version... just downloaded it a few days ago.



* VERSION: 11.3

* DATE: 2010-03-26

* AS3 (AS2 version is also available)

* UPDATES AND DOCUMENTATION AT: http://www.TweenLite.com


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Aha, I see the problem. It wasn't related to TweenLite itself - it just had to do with MotionBlurPlugin and floating point math issues in Flash. MotionBlur is by far the most complex plugin available, and it swaps in a Sprite with a BitmapData over your original object, but makes the alpha of your original almost zero (it keeps it there so that your mouse interactions still work in case you have ROLL_OVER/OUT/whatever). The plugin just wasn't triggering the appropriate swap-back routine when the tween was overwritten because of floating point math issues in Flash. Your object was still tweening its y coordinate, but you couldn't see it because the alpha was so low. What you saw "stuck" at the top was simply MotionBlurPlugin's Sprite/BitmapData representation of the object :) I just updated MotionBlurPlugin which should resolve the issue. Please log into your GreenSock account at http://www.greensock.com/account/ and snag the latest & greatest version and let me know if it resolves things for you.

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