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Greg Stager


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A question on purchasing a license...

I understand that I would need a business license.

As such - I would not actually be the one paying for it - my employer would but I would be the one using the tools.

Would they be able to pay using a PO or invoice or some separate way other than through my profile but also so that I have access to the extras and such?

How might that actually look?

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Hey Greg! Good question. You can set up an "Alternative Contact" on your account (under the “Orders & Billing” drop down in the navigation in the top right). That grants the other account the ability to view/pay invoices on your account. They'll get notifications about billing stuff too in the future, so it's perfect for the accounting department at your company. Once they pay the invoice, BOOM, you instantly get access to the bonus plugins. 


Contact us and we can manually set up an invoice if that helps, and we can even add the alternative contact on your account. We're here to help. 


A lot of folks in your position (work at a company and need the company to pay) will do one of the following: 

  • Use a company credit card. Easy peasy. No need to set up an alternative contact, invoicing, blah, blah.
  • Use the alternative contact I mentioned above, have us assign an invoice on your account, and then wait until your accounting department pays. You'll get notified immediately, of course. You can (optionally) send us a PO number from your company so that we can put that on the invoice, but we don't offer financing or credit terms so your account will get activated as soon as payment is received. 
  • You could do all that without an alternative contact - just run everything through your own account. Doesn't matter to us - whatever you prefer. 
  • If you're purchasing a multi-developer license, you could set up an email alias on your end like greensock@yourcompany.com that gets distributed to the various users in your company. Set up your GreenSock account under that email address. Share the login credentials with the other authorized users there. We trust you. :)

If your company needs to pay via ACH transfer or mail a check or something, we can definitely accommodate that. 


Does that clear things up? Is there anything else we can do to help? Don't hesitate to reach out privately. 


Thanks in advance for your support! Club GreenSock is what makes everything we do possible. 🙌

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Perfect - thanks!

I know that the question will come up so I wanted to be prepared with an answer.

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