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Greg Stager

Greensock and Adobe Captivate

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Going out on a limb here perhaps with this one but I will take any advice I can get.


I used Greensock to create an animation and uploaded it as an HTML5 Animation into Captivate

Captivate places these animations into the published product as an iframe.


When I do a preview - it behaves as expected and pulling data from the iframe works as well.

When I publish, however, the animation itself works fine but the data is no longer accessible. The file (the HTML embedded iframe one) becomes "restricted" and is labeled as a cross-origin document.


The file is dropped into a  /wor/wo_xxxx  folder and seems like it should be part of the same domain so I am struggling to find my way around this puzzle.


The console returns an ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND about an "undefined" directory.

I am simply not finding the source/solution of this issue.


I realize this may require a Captivate solution so I have posted my question in the forums there as well.

It was actually in those forums that I first learned about Greensock so I know others are using it with Captivate.

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Hey Greg. It's pretty hard for us to help blindly.


10 minutes ago, Greg Stager said:

The console returns an ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND about an "undefined" directory.

It sounds like something is not being exported with the correct paths from Captivate. The "undefined" directory probably means something along the lines of an invalid file name, an incorrect path that's not handled correctly, or something along those lines. 


I'm afraid it's unlikely that someone will be able to help in these forums as I don't know of anyone who is familiar with Captivate and the information provided isn't very thorough.


I hope you find a solution soon! Please do post back here if you figure out what went wrong. 

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Thanks, Zach

Sorry - Just hoping someone here might have experienced the same thing.

I think the issue only affects retrieving data as the animation works without fail.

What I really need is a colleague to sit beside me for 20 min in order to see it firsthand and bounce ideas back and forth.

Downside of being a "one-man-band".

I can't figure out why it is looking for this directory literally named 'undefined' in the first place.

This only comes up when publishing with this animation in the project. Something is triggering creation of this reference. Ugh.

I can post any additional info as might be helpful.


I will certainly post a resolution if it is discovered.

In the meantime, I will just leave this right here and see if there are any nibbles.



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The solution to this ended up being very simple.

Even though previewing worked fine, running a published local or published internal server copy would not function.

I needed to put it out on the web in order for it to work.

That is good news but burdensome nonetheless because I am not a web admin - I am a content developer and build learning interactions so I don't have website admin rights - gotta wait for someone to upload for me and then I can test them.

I am excited, though, to see that I can get Captivate and Greensock working together.


Now that the proof of concept is made - I can petition for the business license. Wish me luck!

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