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Morph SVG / Adobe Animate help

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I'm trying to get the GSAP Morph SVG plugin to work.

I use Animate to generate code. I'm including the plugin script file. 

I really can't wrap my head around how I'm supposed to set this up in Animate.


I normally copy/paste existing working examples and then tweak code in my actions window.

Where do I place the path files of the shape I'm morphing to?



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Hey bannerguy and welcome to the GreenSock forums. Thanks for being a Business Green member! We couldn't do what we do without people like you.


Unfortunately I don't have access to Animate at this time so I may not be able to help answer all of your questions. @Carl uses Animate sometimes so maybe he can help where I can't.


10 hours ago, bannerguy said:

Where do I place the path files of the shape I'm morphing to?

You can place the paths of shapes that you're morphing to in the same SVG file as the original shapes. Most the time it's best to give them display: none; so that they're hidden. That way they're accessible via the DOM. Alternatively, you could just include the path data in the code itself (outside of Animate this would be the same JS file where you're using GSAP - not sure what it would be in Animate).

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Are you using Animate to export a static SVG or are you exporting to HTML5 canvas?


If you are creating an SVG that you then manually add to your HTML page then I can't really add anything to Zach's advice.


If you are doing an HTML5 canvas export  I really don't think you have access to any SVG path data. I'm 99% sure MorphSVG will not work with Animate's HTML5 canvas output. 

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Yeah, I'm exporting to HTML from Animate.

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