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I've heard of "Full Stack" developers...

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... can I aspire to become a "full sock" one? ;-)

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Haha, we'd love for you to become a "full sock" developer :) We're here to help in any way that we can.

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YES! That needs to be the new term that developers covet. Perhaps a certification of some kind. "Mom, I just earned my GreenSock certificate - I'm officially a 'Full Sock Developer'! My career is gonna take off!" ;)


Anyone who fails to provide a reduced test case when reporting a problem in the forums is relegated to "half-sock" or "sockless" status. 

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I’m just worried what occurs when people reach the 400 level courses and thesis course taught by @OSUblake ? 😝




I’m concerned about the dropout rate, maybe @Carl should take over a few of those.

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