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LazyLoad Image with gsap fadeIn option

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Hey guys,

I need a little help with. I want to redo my lazy load with a gsap animation that can replace "SRC" for "DATA-SRC" with fadeIn effect.
So the new - full-size Image will fade over the Old one.
Any help is much than appreciated. Thank you!

See the Pen abOyJxr by jurajmolnar (@jurajmolnar) on CodePen

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Hey Juraj. What are you having trouble with? Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to build out every request that people make in the forums but if you have a specific question or issue we're happy to help.

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Both of the below examples use GSAP and IntersectionObserver for lazy loading images. You would just need to convert them to use GSAP 3 and whatever lazyload script/approach you prefer. Each should allow for you to build upon this type of approach and refactor either within your own project.


See the Pen eYOpROp by ItsLefty (@ItsLefty) on CodePen

See the Pen WWqZWj by jomartinez27 (@jomartinez27) on CodePen


** Most of this topic is unrelated to GreenSock specifically, but hopefully one of those can provide a starting point for you to achieve your desired result.

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