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Loop or repeat a few items

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Hello :)

As you can see on the Pen I have Balls items. I would just like these balls to magnify a little bit and infinitely, in a loop, I tried to reproduce this code found on this forum but obviously it does not work :(
Thank you for your suggestions.

See the Pen ZEGepXd by christophe-sansonetti (@christophe-sansonetti) on CodePen

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Searching by myself, i just found this Pen 

See the Pen qBdrqWm by christophe-sansonetti (@christophe-sansonetti) on CodePen


I edited the code on Pen, it works fine, exactly the animation i need,  but when i test it on local it dosent work :(

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ok just find the error, its was on the js :
ease:SlowMo.ease.config(0.01, 0.7, true)});
dosnt match
i use instead : ease: "slow(0.3, 0.4)

and its ok

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