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Hi all,


In the codepen you see a Wordsearch game. JS and CSS based. Im trying to make a GSAP version of it, because using GSAP works better in the courses i make.
In fact he has a library available of it here... https://lucas-c.github.io/wordfind/ 
A lot of what i need this library does. Creating solvable puzzles from a set of given words. What i miss ( and focusing on now ) is to make created games playable.. so when clicking a character it should stay highlighted...and thus creating an online game of this.


Will share when i got that working...
Kind regards,


See the Pen OZPMKd by Conor092 (@Conor092) on CodePen

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Excuse me if I'm being dim, but you don't have a question or issue here, correct?

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Not directly indeed 😄, working on getting this to work atm...

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