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Hearing more and more about Lottie lately (plugin for exporting animation from After Effects to JSON), and as I understand it, the real obstacle to using it for banner animation is the weight of the js library. Now that support for it is coming in Adobe Animate, might we have a strong enough case to get it white-listed (like gsap, createjs, etc)?

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I have no idea, but I'm somewhat doubtful. This is probably not the best place to ask, though, because Lottie certainly isn't a GreenSock product (in some ways, it's a competitor, although they're very different and can be used together). :) 

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Ah, true, true... I was just curious and thought I'd ask here cuz I figure this is a pretty in-the-know crowd. :) 

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No worries! It's fine to ask here. I'm just saying we aren't the decision makers with ad networks and whitelisting, plus the people who hang out here are probably much more knowledgeable about GSAP than Lottie. 


Anyway, happy tweening! 🙌

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