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Strange rendering issue on Windows Chrome under transformed PNG

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Hi guys ! This is may not GreenSock related but you still have an idea why it happens.   A big amount of users reporting on windows Google Chrome (version 79.0.3945.130 i.e. but many different version) a rendering issue which i tried to "simplify" in the demo above.  


If you resize the window / scroll on the preview you will see a thin line like shown here on bottom-line.png.  This happens only on Windows.  If we disable GreenSock animation, it does not show up, however i am still not sure that it has anything to do with GreenSock as i mentioned above.  Funny enough this can not be reproduced on Linux and Unix based Chrome Browsers, only on Windows.    Anybody a good idea how to avoid this ?

(Small Update:  Please note that this example simplified, 3D transforms and also more than one content withinthe pngcube wrap can exists, means using force3D false and or setting blur on content inside may help but will not help in real life environment).


ps.: And sorry if this is not well addressed in this forum, please free  remove it in that case ? 



See the Pen MWwaMYa by themepunch (@themepunch) on CodePen

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Hey themepunch. This is most definitely not an issue with GSAP, it's just rendering error in Chrome on Windows. Stuff like this is relatively common.


I don't have a Windows computer any longer, but you could try applying -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; to the element. Or sometimes adding z: 1, force3D: true, or setting a perspective can help (applied to the element in question or a parent of the element). Sometimes combining them can fix it where just one can't.

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Hi Zach, thank you for your update. It is 100% NOT GreenSock since the issue can be reproduced also with pure css after scrolling.  Tried almost all known tricks (just like you mentioned above.) Issue could be reproduced on the last few Chrome versions also. Will report it to the Google Devs, hopefully get some reaction there.  Unfortunately I get used on the brilliant Service here since we are blessed with your Answering times !
You guys just amazing quick,  guess Google Devs will take a bit longer ;-) 

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I highly recommend filing it as a bug report, not just posting it in a Google forum. They are much more likely to respond to an actual bug report. 

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