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[ScrollToPlugin] React - Failed to execute 'scrollto' on 'window'

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Hello everyone,


I'm currently working on a React project and I need to use ScrollToPlugin. 


Here is how I import the plugin 


import gsap from 'gsap'
import ScrollToPlugin from 'gsap/ScrollToPlugin'

And then, to prevent some troubles in production, added 

const plugins = [ScrollToPlugin]

Then I have a scroll ref 

  const scrollRef = useRef(null)

And finally this is how I used the scrollto function 

 const scrollTest = el => {
    gsap.to(window, {duration: 1, scrollTo: el });

<button className={s.btn__scroll} onClick={() => [setScrolled(true), scrollTest(scrollRef)]}>Go Down</button>



After many researches, I thought it was due to an import issue. So I've tried to insert cdn script directly in the public html... doesn't work. 

Any ideas? :)



As @elegantseagulls said below, you just have to register your ScrollToPlugin as follow : 



Many thanks 




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Hi @medmedmed75


Hard to say without seeing your code in action... Can you setup a codesandbox with your react setup?


With what I'm able to see:

First thing, you'll want to be sure to register your ScrollToPlugin before you use it.



Also, are you seeing any errors in the console? Have you tried logging your ref (el) inside scrollTest to make sure that it is representing an element (or using an '#id' to test)? Have you tried just running the scrollTo tween without the setScrolled() or anything else to try and isolate?


Hope this helps narrow it down. I run the scrollToPlugin on a lot of React projects, so I can confirm that it works.

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Hi @elegantseagulls

I tried everything... but not to register my ScrollToPlugin and it works very well. :)


Many thanks, I edit my post with the solution! 



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5 hours ago, medmedmed75 said:

And then, to prevent some troubles in production, added 

const plugins = [ScrollToPlugin]


And you don't need to do that anymore. That's one issue using .registerPlugin() helps fix.

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