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GSAP and PIXI JS - dropShadowBlur animation

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Hello, I've tried to animate dropShadowBlur property of the PIXI.Text object like this:

tl.to(my_text, 5, { pixi: { dropShadowBlur: 5 } });

but it doesn't work (no console error and nothing is changing).

What am I doing wrong? Am I able to animate that property?

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Hey Exhumator. 


Can you please create a minimal example of the issue in a CodePen? My guess is that dropShadowBlur on that object does not exist or requires a different value.

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Hey Zach,


I've just found solution. I've tried this:

tl.to(my_text.style, 0.5, { dropShadowBlur: 9 } );

and that worked.


So, my question is - is there any list of supported attributes for PixiPlugin?

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Glad to hear it!


As the PixiPlugin docs say,


PixiPlugin can handle almost any other property as well - there is no pre-determined list of "allowed" properties. PixiPlugin simply improves developer ergonomics for anyone animating in PixiJS. Less code, fewer headaches, and faster production.


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