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Text underline & page transitions that are super smooth?

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So I'm trying to recreate 2 effects that I saw on this awesome website:



1. is the 'page transition' effect when you press on profile, theres that white overlay that slides top with a warp/distortion

2. while on Profile, when you hover on a link you get that 3d text underline effect.

How are these made and how are these so smooth?

Anyone can offer some guidance, examples with similar effects?


Thanks in advance! Really appreciate it!


p.s.: I made this codepen with some basic css, its obviously not that smooth/jiggly but yeah..


See the Pen XWbWZpR by andreitmm (@andreitmm) on CodePen

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Hey andsavu and welcome to the GreenSock forums! 


This effect cannot be created in just HTML + CSS. If you hover a link and move it around you can see that the line is reactive to the mouse position. Not doable (within reason) with CSS. 


You should look into an SVG, Canvas, or WebGL approach. Here's a thread that's very related to your request that can help get you started: 


It looks like he used Canvas, presumably with WebGL.


Maybe @jesper.landberg can even provide some insight himself :) 

Note to Jesper: the lines seem to get a bit off when the browser is resized. 

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@andsavu @ZachSaucier It's indeed made with WebGL, with most of the magic happening in custom shaders. It's really a bit to much to get into without writing an article about it, but if you @andsavu want to learn creating these kind of things i'd recommend some of the following resources:





Also https://tympanus.net/codrops/ have some great tutorials on the topic.

Oh and @ZachSaucier thx for the resize heads-up, will fix it:)


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