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Logo Animation

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Hi good people from gsap forums. I have been reading a lot of handy tricks and tips from you and i decided to post a question of my own here. 


The thing that i am trying to solve is: on scroll (scroll position > 50) i would like to hide the brand name behind a logo, and when the site is scrolled up to the top make it visible again.  Now the tricky part is that the logo has some cut outs (it is an svg), and if i put the text behind it, it looks really ugly. I think the solution would be some overflow hidden trick, but i could not find it out. Could you please help me with a similar codepen or any suggestion? Adding an image for quick reference so you can see what i tried to poorly explain :D


 Much appreciated guys 

logo issue.png

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Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you a lot :)

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